ZOM is an immersive and informative meditation course, the goal of which is to provide participants with the skills necessary to introduce the practice of meditation into their daily lives. No special equipment or headphones or paid memberships are necessary.

The benefits of a meditation practice include:

∞ Stress reduction
∞ Anxiety reduction
∞ Depression relief
∞ Increased focus and attention
∞ Increased self-discipline
∞ Improved blood pressure
∞ Improved sleep patterns

ZOM can help you form the basis for a lifetime meditation practice that can be transformative for each individual practitioner.

ZOM removes the stigma and stereotypes from meditation.


No, you don’t have to practice yoga.

No, you don’t have to ‘quiet your mind.’

No, you don’t have to sit perfectly still for hours at a time.


Yes, meditation is for you.